I have been a HUGE fan of David Thewlis' for many years and I continue to be in awe of his incredible versatility and talent everyday. I first remember seeing David in Restoration and thinking, "who is that guy that is upstaging Robert Downey, Jr.?" :) I had a feeling that he was someone very special and looking back, knowing what I know now and what I've seen since that time, I realize how completely right I was.

After seeing the Prisoner of Azkaban I became an even bigger fan of his work. His perfomance was exactly like I imagined my favorite character of the Harry Potter series to be when reading the book and it touched me deeply. Since then I have had the good fortune of seeing many of the various films he has been a part of and marveled at the variety of different and unique characters he has portrayed! I think my most favorite performance to date has got to be from Naked, where he portrays Johnny, 'a cynical and pessimistic Manchester drifter'. He was beyond brilliant in this role and I recommend seeing this film to anyone who really wants to find out how gifted an actor he is.

In October of 2007 I had the priviledge of getting to hear David read an excerpt from his debut novel at the Toronto IFOA. I am still in shock that I was actually there, saw him in person and got to meet him (thank you Amanda)! He is by far and away the kindest, most genuine and thoughtful person I have ever met in my life. He was very gracious and when he sensed how nervous and shaky I was he held my hand and rubbed my back during the photo op *blushes*. I will never forget that brief moment in time as long as I live and I thank God everyday for blessing me with that opportunity.

I can't even begin to thank Kya enough for allowing me to adopt my #1 wishlister! I am forever in her debt and am very honored to own this particular fanlisting <333.