D.I.Y. Hard

Year: 2002
David's Character: Man
Director(s): Pat Holden
Other Stars: Alison Steadman & Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
Pictures: Click here
Screen time: 10 minutes

This is a delightful short film and focuses on an escaped criminal who takes a woman hostage in her own home, but we soon find out that it's not the usual hostage situation at all.

The film begins with the criminal climbing over the prison wall then being chased by the police, so he bursts into the nearest house brandishing a gun. He then makes the usual demands to the police via her telephone, in this instance he wants tickets to South America and $50,000. At this point you think he's going to turn out to be somewhat violent, but he's actually a sweetie really with a love of interior design! Yes, very soon he desides that the house is a tip ("I'm not drinking out of that dirty cup - wash it properly") and something needs to be done about it. The next scene he's back on the phone making more demands to the police, only this time it's bleach that he's asking for!

Inevitably, the woman and criminal start to bond which leads to some wonderful scenes, such as her getting wallpaper paste on his hands, and choosing a paint colour for the wall; it's just so sweet! Looking at them in this scene it just seems like they are a newlywed couple decorating their house for the first time, completely forgetting that the police are actually outside surrounding them.