Basic Instinct 2

Year: 2006
David's Character: Roy Washburn
Director(s): Michael Caton-Jones
Other Stars: Sharon Stone, David Morrissey & Hugh Dancy
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Screen time: One of the lead roles

This film follows novelist Catherine Tramell, who is once again in trouble with the authorities. Scotland Yard proceeds to appoint psychiatrist Dr. Michael Glass to evaluate her. Like Detective Nick Curran in the first film, Glass becomes a victim of Tramell's seductive games.

The film is set in London (as opposed to San Francisco in the original). It opens with American novelist Catherine Tramell in a speeding car with her companion, a famous British football star. Tramell veers off the road and crashes into the West India Docks in Canary Wharf. She attempts to save her partner but, as she says in the subsequent scene, "When it came down to it, I guess my life was more important to me than his."

Tramell is interrogated by Detective Supt. Roy Washburn of Scotland Yard. He claims that D-Tubocurarine (a neuromuscular blocking agent, used to relax muscles during general anesthesia) was found in her car, and that a man named "Dickie Pap" said that he sold Tramell "15 milliliters of DTC last Thursday." Tramell counters by saying that this Dickie Pap must be lying because "you've got him on some other charge and he's trying to deal his way out, if he even exists."

Tramell continues therapy sessions with Dr. Michael Glass, who has conducted a court-ordered psychiatric exam and given testimony in her case. She begins to play psychological games with Glass, who becomes increasingly frustrated with, yet intrigued by, this mysterious woman. Glass's own life begins a spiral of destruction. One night, while having sexual intercourse with a lesser character, Michelle Broadway, (in which he acts aggressive from dealings with Trammell similar in the fashion that Michael Douglas's character Nick Curran did to Beth Garner in the original 'Basic Instinct') Glass receives a call from his ex-wife in a state of distress. We soon learn her partner, a journalist writing a negative story about Glass, has been found dead. Multiple murders begin to surface around him, his obsession with Tramell grows, his career and life are threatened and he can no longer tell what is right or wrong.

A ruined man in the end, silent and institutionalized, Glass learns from Tramell that the subject of her novel was someone very much like him.