The Big Lebowski

Year: 1998
David's Character: Knox Harrington
Director(s): Joel Coen
Other Stars: Jeff Brides, John Goodman & Steve Buscemi
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Screen time: 3 minutes

Set in 1991, Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski is surprised by two thugs in his home in Venice, California, attempting to collect a debt Lebowski's supposed wife owes to Jackie Treehorn. After the thugs rough up the Dude and urinate on his rug, which, in the words of the Dude and his friends, "really tied the room together", the Dude points out that they're looking for a different person of the same name. The next day, the Dude seeks compensation for his rug from the other Jeffrey Lebowski, the titular "Big" Lebowski, a wheelchair-bound millionaire, and is met with a gruff refusal. After craftily stealing one of the Big Lebowski's rugs, the Dude meets Bunny Lebowski, the Big Lebowski's nymphomaniacal trophy wife on his way off the property.

Days later, the Big Lebowski contacts the Dude, revealing that Bunny has been kidnapped and asks him to act as a courier for the million-dollar ransom, the Dude being in the unique position of being able to identify the rug-soiling thugs, the suspected kidnappers. Back at his apartment, the Dude naps on his new, stolen rug, only to have his apartment burgled again, the criminals knocking him unconscious. Following a musical dream sequence, the Dude wakes up on his bare wooden floor, his new rug missing. Soon after, when Bunny's kidnappers call to arrange the ransom exchange, Walter Sobchak, the Dude's unstable friend and bowling teammate, tries to convince the Dude to keep the money and give the kidnappers a "ringer" suitcase filled with dirty underwear - a plan the Dude rejects. During their argument, the exchange is bungled, leaving the Dude and Walter with the million, the ringer having been flung out the car window by Walter, who subsequently jumps from the moving car in an attempt to apprehend one of the kidnappers.

The kidnappers escape, however; Walter, seemingly unperturbed by this turn of events takes the Dude bowling. Later that night, the Dude's car is stolen, along with the briefcase filled with money. The Dude receives a message from the Big Lebowski's daughter, Maude, who admits to stealing the Dude's rug which he stole from the "Big" Lebowski's home, as it has sentimental value for her. At her art studio, she explains that Bunny is a porn starlet working under producer Jackie Treehorn and confirms the Dude's suspicion that Bunny probably kidnapped herself. She asks the Dude to recover the ransom, as it was illegally withdrawn by her father from a family-run charitable foundation for orphans, offering him a finder's fee in exchange for his services.