I started watching Supernatural last year (I know, epic fail), but needless to say, I fell in love with it after watching the very first episode! I quickly ran out and bought the first three seasons and watched them as quickly as I could, and I received the fourth season for Christmas. Since I didn't finish watching season four before season five had begun, I had to go back and watch those episodes as well.

I was able to catch up and watch the second half of season five live, and it was SO amazing! Sam Winchester has always been my favorite character from the beginning, and watching this character progress and grow through the seasons has been an incredible journey. I knew that the finale was going to be the pinnacle episode of the entire series to date, and quite frankly, was not looking forward to it. I was really worried that Sam would end up dying in the end and I did not want that happen! After watching Swan Song from start to finish I was completely blown away with how this epic storyline had unfolded.

I was tremendously glad that Sam was able to conquer Lucifer's tight grip on him and put him where he belonged! It was such a proud moment, albeit, an incredibly sad moment when he and Michael fell into the hole and disappered. I cried my eyes out and was overcome with emotion, but when Sam showed up at the very end, it brought a smile to my face. :)

I would like to thank Ed, Rebekah & Samantha and the rest of the staffer army for entrusting me with this fanlisting. It means a great deal to me and I appreciate it so much! <3