I am a HUGE fan of Supernatural and have really been enjoying season 6 so far. Although it is quite a stretch from previous seasons, due to the differences in the main character's personalities, this episode reminded me a great deal of classic season 1!

Sam & Dean are back together again and have been put in charge of watching over a baby, so that it doesn't get in the hands of an Alpha Shapeshifter. I loved the chemistry between Dean and the baby (lovingly named "Bobby John" by the brothers), it was too adorable for words.

I also liked this episode because the Winchester brothers seemed to be most like their old selves, and working together to keep a baby safe from harm. It brought warmth to my heart and a sense of hope that their relationship is not completely ruined, and there is a chance that they will find that strong brotherly bond once again. <33 Thank you so much to Ed, Rebekah & April for approving me for this awesome episode!