When I first read the amazing novel, The Da Vinci Code, written by Dan Brown, I was immediately drawn to the character of Silas. Perhaps this was because I could relate to him in a sense. A lost soul who didn't really feel he fit in with anyone. All he wanted was to have someone who appreciated him and loved him.

Although he did some really despicable things throughout the story, I always found myself feeling so sorry for him. Silas had a very sad and desperate quality, something that was very appealing to me.

When I found out that Paul Bettany would be portraying Silas I was really intrigued and excited. I think he is a very talented actor and to my delight, he was completely briliant in the role! <3

I'd like to say a special Thank You to Muryel for entrusting me with this fanlisting! It means a great deal to me and I really appreciate it. C: