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Arctic/Polar Animals imageFrigid Friends
Opened: 09th March 2007
Last updated: 02nd February 2019
Fans: 148 (+ 0)

I am a fan of many animals and some of the most beautiful and wonderous animals can be found in the arctic/polar regions. I love the cold weather so I enjoy watching nature shows about the arctic etc. Polar bears, penquins and foxes are among my favorites and they are so much fun to watch and look at!

Thank you to Sarliz, Mary and the rest of the staffer army for approving me to run this fanlisting!

Deer imageGraceful
Opened: 15th January 2007
Last updated: 19th January 2019
Fans: 414 (+ 0)

Deer are some of the most beautiful and precious creatures on the earth <3! I have always LOVED deer and find them to be so gentle and I am in awe when I see one up close. It pains me that so many are killed by senseless drivers or driven out of their natural habitats by construction and non-sensical building. They are amongst my most favorite animals and were a wishlister of mine at one time.

Thank you so much to Lisa for allowing me to adopt this fanlisting, I will never part with it.

Dogs: Adopted & Rescued imageSave a Life
Opened: 07th February 2008
Last updated: 02nd February 2019
Fans: 104 (+ 0)

DOGS are my passion, my love, my life. I have always loved them since the time I was very little. I have always owned dogs most of my life and it truly means something special when you are able to rescue or adopt a dog and give it a better life! I wish everyone would be able to find it in their hearts to do this so more dogs lives could be saved and not senselessly taken away because no one wants them. :(

This particular subject is so precious and close to my heart, so I want to thank Sarliz and the rest of the staffer army for approving me to run this fanlisting! I have made the layout in honor of my dearly departed dog, Sara. This is another one I'm not likely to ever give up. ♥

Manatees imageGentle Giants
Opened: 23rd July 2007
Last updated: 02nd February 2019
Fans: 234 (+ 0)

What can I say, MANATEES are <3! I have always been fond of them for as long as I can remember. They are so gentle and such beautiful souls. It has always been a dream of mine to go to Florida and work/swim with them!

They are related to elephants which are just about my favorite animal on the planet (next to dogs), so that makes them special to me as well. MANATEES are also the victims of tragic accidents sometimes because they are not afraid to be around boats and swim too close to the surface and are injured or killed from propellers :(. People need to be more vigilant and look out for these precious creatures!

Many thanks again to Ellie for letting me adopt this wonderful fanlisting!

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