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Da Vinci Code, The: Silas imageSinister Prisoner
Opened: 20th July 2006
Last updated: 08th December 2018
Fans: 28 (+ 0)

While reading the book and after watching "The Da Vinci Code" film, my favorite character was always SILAS! I felt for him, even though he committed some terrible acts, he was truly a wounded soul. I found him a beautiful character, even if his outside appearance wasn't all that flattering, inside he really was an angel who got lost along the way. In the film, Paul Bettany played the character, so I thought it only fitting to create a physical fanlisting for him <3!

Thank you to the staffer army for approving me!

Harry Potter: Lupin, Remus imageMoonlight Madness
Opened: 02nd October 2007
Last updated: 08th December 2018
Fans: 34 (+ 0)

What can I say, I'm a Lupin fanatic :) I've simply adored this character ever since reading the "Prisoner of Azkaban" and then seeing him portrayed by the amazing David Thewlis, how could I not find him attractive ;)?

I would kill to own the fanlisting for the character of Lupin, but for right now I am lucky enough to own the physical fanlisting for him!

Thank you to the staffer army for approving me! I will definitely be keeping this one right here.

LotR: Took, Pippin imageCurly Top
Opened: 29th November 2005
Last updated: 08th December 2018
Fans: 16 (+ 0)

Like I've said a million times before, I LOVE Pippin <3! He is truly the best character in the LotR series and my favorite little Hobbit :) Billy Boyd portrayed the character with such amazing clarity and did a superb job! There was no question but I was going to apply for the physical fanlisting for this adorable character.

Perhaps someday I will be fortunate enough to own the fanlisting for Pippin, but for now I at least own the physical one =).

Thank you so much to the staffer army for approving me!

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