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Harry Potter: Deluminator aka Put-Outer imageInstant Light
Opened: 02nd September 2007
Last updated: 08th June 2017
Fans: 31 (+ 0)

After reading all seven of the books in the "Harry Potter" series, there was one magical object I found most intriguing called a "Deluminator or Put-Outer". It is used in the first book/movie by Dumbledore to pull the light away from the street lights on Pivet drive. It has a more prevelant role in the last book ("Deathly Hallows") when Ron is given one as a gift. He uses it several times in key moments of the story and I thought it was such a clever little gizmo :D!

Thank you to Sophie and the rest of the staffer army for approving me!

Harry Potter: Wands imageInstruments of Magic
Opened: 06th October 2007
Last updated: 03rd July 2017
Fans: 78 (+ 0)

Being such an avid fan of the "Harry Potter" books/movies, I of course, adore those magical objects called WANDS! They play such a pivotal role in the series, as no witch or wizard can cast a spell without one. They become most important when we learn that Harry & Voldemort's wands share a connection, and in the later books there is an even more powerful wand being sought after!

Thank you to Sophie and the rest of the staffer army for approving me!

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