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Lost: Pace, Charlie & Aaron Littleton imageFather Figure
Opened: 16th July 2007
Last updated: 08th December 2018
Fans: 22 (+ 0)

I have always loved the instant bond and connection that Charlie & Claire shared from the very beginning of "Lost" and when Aaron came along it was even stronger. My heart was always so warmed seeing Charlie take such care and protection of Aaron, he was truly, in all sense of the word, his 'FATHER'. Their bond was very strong as shown in a scene from "Through the Looking Glass", when Charlie passes on and Aaron begins to cry :(.

This relationship is so special to me and I thank Marie for letting me adopt this fanlisting from her! I will never give it up.

Lost: Pace, Charlie & Hurley Reyes imageBest Buddies
Opened: 17th July 2007
Last updated: 08th December 2018
Fans: 41 (+ 0)

I am such a HUGE fan of the relationship between Charlie and Hurley! They were my two favorite characters on "Lost" and whenever they were together they made me smile :). They also remain very close, even though one of them is no longer there.

Thank you so much Adi for allowing me to adopt this fanlisting :).

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