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Anderson, Richard Dean imageHandsome Devil
Opened: 07th April 2009
Last updated: 02nd February 2019
Fans: 53 (+ 0)

I have been in love with Richard Dean Anderson ever since I was little, watching him on "MacGyver". *melts* I think he is an extremely talented and versatile actor, portraying many different types of characters in movies/tv shows.

After seeing him on "Stargate SG-1", I was reeled right back in by his wonderful portrayal of Jack O'Neill because he added an element of fun to it. Thank you so much to Bee for approving me, it means so very much to me! I will never give this one up.

Carpenter, Jack imageRising Star
Opened: 01st March 2008
Last updated: 02nd February 2019
Fans: 36 (+ 0)

Jack Carpenter is a wonderful actor! When viewing the film Sydney White for the first time I was instantly attracted to him and knew that he was someone very special. :) Unfortunately he is not very well-known YET, but I have a feeling he will be in the not-too-distant future!

I would like to thank Bee and the rest of the staffer army for approving me to open this fanlisting!

Thewlis, David imageIngenious
Opened: 25th June 2008
Last updated: 28th December 2018
Fans: 334 (+ 0)

I have been a HUGE fan of David Thewlis' for many years. He has got to be one of the most gifted actors on the planet! His portrayal of my favorite character from the "Harry Potter" series, Remus Lupin, is absolutely wonderful, and his portrayal of JOHNNY in Naked was breathtaking. He simply blows my mind with every role he takes on!

I actually got to meet him in person last October (2007) and it is a moment in time I will cherish for the rest of my life! It was truly amazing to be in his presence. He is the kindest, most beautiful soul I have ever met in my life!

This fanlisting is cross-listed with Authors/Writers & Directors/Producers, because not only is he a wonderful director, he's also a remarkable author!

The Gods shined upon me this past June when Kya graciously let me adopt this fanlisting, and now that I have it, I will never let it go =)

Voight, Jon imageMidnight Cowboy
Opened: 16th March 2007
Last updated: 19th January 2019
Fans: 38 (+ 0)

Jon Voight has always been a favorite actor of mine. He is a true talent and I admire him greatly. Conrack is probably my favorite movie that he has done, as he portrays writer Pat Conroy beautifully!

I would like to thank Bee and the rest of the staffer army for approving me to run this fanlisting!

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