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Gilmore Girls: Forester, Dean imageThe Boy Next Door
Opened: 25th March 2010
Last updated: 28th December 2018
Fans: 173 (+ 0)

Ever since I got into Supernatural I have fallen in love with Jared Padalecki! ♥ It only made sense for me to check out some of his other roles and I was instantly drawn to Dean Forester from The Gilmore Girls.

I think he and Rory made the perfect couple and I've enjoyed watching their relationship through the seasons. I would like to thank Wattle so much for allowing me to adopt this particular fanlisting. It means a great deal to me. ^^

LhotP: [+] All Characters imageCountry Friends
Opened: 01st May 2006
Last updated: 02nd February 2019
Fans: 27 (+ 0)

I have been a fan of "Little House on the Prairie" ever since I can remember! I LOVE the time period and deep core values and nature of the show. I also enjoyed all the many colorful and unique characters who comprise that wonderful little town, 'Walnut Grove' <3!

Thank you so much to Leia, Mellisa and the rest of the staffer army for approving me!

MacGyver, Angus imageExtremely Creative
Opened: 10th June 2007
Last updated: 02nd February 2019
Fans: 40 (+ 0)

When I was little I had such a crush on Richard Dean Anderson (still do) <3! I just adore the TV Show MACGYVER and have every season on DVD :)! Angus MacGyver is the coolest character ever, he can get out of any jam using the most eclectic assortment of materials and he's also a genius! I truly love this character and enjoy re-watching the episodes over and over to see him in action :).

Thank you so much to Leia & Hoppy for approving me! I will probably never want to part with this one either.

Stargate SG-1: [+] Male Characters imageA Thing of Beauty
Opened: 15th September 2008
Last updated: 02nd February 2019
Fans: 10 (+ 0)

I have been a devoted fan of Stargate SG-1 since the very beginning, over 11 years ago!! I adored the feature film and couldn't wait for the series. My favorite character has always been Daniel Jackson, but I have to say that I love all the MALE CHARACTERS on the show <3!

I am so excited to finally own the fanlisting for this wonderful group of characters, it means a lot to me. Thank you so much Holly & Mellissa for approving me to create and run this fanlisting :D!

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