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Da Vinci Code, The: Silas imageFanatic
Opened: 24th August 2009
Last updated: 02nd February 2019
Fans: 504 (+ 0)

While reading The Da Vinci Code, by the amazing writer, Dan Brown, I found myself becoming rather attached to the character of Silas. Silas is a very tormented and lonely soul, who desperately wants to please the man who rescued him. He commits some very despicable acts in the name of religion.

I really felt incredibly sorry for Silas despite everything he did, as he was so tortured and sad.

When the film was being made I was even more excited when I found out that Paul Bettany was going to play this particular character. I knew he would portray him the right way, and he completely blew me away. It is an honor to own this fanlisting, as it was a wishlister and I hope to do it justice. Thank you so much to Muryel for chosing me to be the new owner! ^^

Harry Potter: Triwizard Champions imageCourage
Opened: 20th August 2007
Last updated: 02nd February 2019
Fans: 70 (+ 0)

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" is my second favorite book in the series, because I really enjoyed the introduction of the new characters from neighboring magical schools! The TRIWIZARD Tournament is such a cool ritual that the schools participate in and when Hogwarts was picked to hold the event it was so exciting!

Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour, Cedric Diggory and of course, Harry Potter, are all wonderfully colorful charaters and I am a fan of each of them.

Thank you so much to Tash for allowing me to adopt this fanlisting <3!

LotR: Male Characters imageEthreality
Opened: 20th March 2008
Last updated: 02nd February 2019
Fans: 35 (+ 0)

What can I say, I love the male characters from the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy! The hobbits are by far my favorite group of male characters (Pippin being #1), but I truly love each and every one of them. They all serve an important purpose and role in the trilogy and without all of them the story wouldn't come together as brilliantly as it does :).

I would like to thank Alyson for allowing me to adopt this particular fanlisting!

Poltergeist: Freeling, Carol-Anne imageLead Us Into the Light
Opened: 24th June 2007
Last updated: 19th January 2019
Fans: 19 (+ 0)

I ADORE Heather O'Rourke and Carol-Anne is, of course, the role she is most famous for :). She is an innocent child who is 'kidnapped' to the other side by spirits who want her to show them through the light. It is a very terrifying experience that she endures and Heather was brilliant in the role!

Thank you to Lucy and the rest of the staffer army for approving me for this fanlisting!

Rent: Angel Dumott Schunard imageAngel of the 1st Degree
Opened: 16th August 2007
Last updated: 28th December 2018
Fans: 113 (+ 0)

I absolutely love the story of "Rent" and I am a HUGE fan of Wilson Jermaine Heredia! I was not fortunate enough to see "Rent" on Broadway back when he appeared in it, but I have seen the film tons of times <3! From viewing one, ANGEL has been my favorite character. I truly believe he/she is the true heart and soul that encompasses the entire group of friends and I cry my eyes out everytime I watch the movie, especially when ANGEL is so senselessly taken from the world :(.

I have to give a HUGE thanks to Ellie for letting me adopt this particular fanlisting! I will never give this one up.

Stargate: Jackson, Daniel imageScholarly
Opened: 03rd April 2006
Last updated: 28th December 2018
Fans: 36 (+ 0)

"Stargate" is an extraordinary film with sci-fi wonders never before seen in a movie! The first time I saw it I fell in love with the Daniel Jackson character (and James Spader )! I just LOVED everything about him, especially the geeky side :). It was wonderful to see the character develop and grow along with the film and by the end he was still kind of a geek, but also a true hero and savior to a race of people that surely would have perished without his help!

I have to say that I like Spader's version of Daniel a little bit more than Shanks', just because he was a geek through and through <3!

Thank you so much to Sofia and the rest of the staffer army for approving me! I will probably keep this one.

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