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I am a huge fan of all the music in the Star Wars series, but one of the most popular & memorable pieces has got to be the Imperial March (Vader's Theme). Thank you to Anouska for approving me :)

From Wikipedia.org:

"The Imperial March" is the theme music that represents the totalitarian Galactic Empire. It is best connected to Episode V: Empire Strikes Back for its dark and oppressive theme, especially in the beginning of the movie with Vader's fleet searching for the Rebel Alliance. Darth Vader is stripped of all constraints by the time of The Empire Strikes Back, with the removal of all military and political rivals next to the Emperor, and has become the "iron fist" of the Empire. He, in essence, has become the Empire; hence the reason the march is many times associated with him as well. "The Imperial March" represents all that is the Empire; therefore, it is nearly equivalent to a galactic anthem.

"The Imperial March" is sometimes referred to simply as "Darth Vader's Theme", or sometimes as the "Imperial Death March". In the movies (except for A New Hope), the march is played when Darth Vader appears, or when he is mentioned. Though it does not play in A New Hope, "The Imperial March" plays in the arcade game if the player makes it to a higher difficulty from a tough level. It is also played for the arrival of Emperor Palpatine on the Death Star in Return of the Jedi, though it does segue into the Emperor's own theme as he appears.

Two major variations of the tune exist, with many other minor ones. The Imperial March is a fanfare-like form that usually refers to the militaristic theme of the Empire and their ruthless quest for power, while the Imperial Medley is more sinister, with the opening intro removed and the first four notes of the tune shorted down to three. This represents the tragedy of Darth Vader and the evil behind the Empire.