Remus Lupin is my most favorite character from the Harry Potter books/films. After reading the first two books, I was really leaning towards Ron Weasley as my favorite character, but when I began to read Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban my feelings shifted to Lupin. I just related to him on every level. He was so kind and patient with all the students he dealt with, so much so that they referred to him as "the best Defense Aganist the Dark Arts teacher they'd ever had". While reading the third book I was also intrigued by the mystery surrounding Lupin and when I finally found out his secret it brought alot of emotions of mine to the surface.

I have always been very shy and introverted and at times life has been extremely difficult. Even to this day, I do not have many friends or people I feel very close to (besides my family), so I felt deeply connected to Lupin on that level, as he too did not have many people close to him and he was shunned much of the time because of his affliction. That's why his relationship with Sirius Black, James & Lily Potter is so very special to me because it brightened my heart to find out that Lupin had those people in his life and he wasn't completely alone.

I realize I'm going into great depth here, but as much as it would be my dream to own the Remus Lupin character fanlisting, I don't think it will ever be possible (Kim does such an amazing job with the listing), so I wanted to share my feelings about him here. The reason I applied for the physical fanlisting for Lupin is because I truly think he is a beautiful person outside as well as in :)