I have been a really big fan of the Lord of the Rings series ever since reading the books, and then seeing the films. My favorite characters have always been the Hobbits, especially Pippin, he's got my heart! <3 If it weren't for the Hobbits this story could never have been completed. They are the glue that holds everything together and ultimately bring back peace to Middle Earth.

I have always loved this endearing relationship between the four main Hobbits, because they truly care for each other and would sacrifice their own lives to save another's. Each Hobbit goes through a journey of self discovery and a test of faith & strength, and in the end that bond between them stays intact. It's that strong friendship that is a constant throughoutthe story and that is why this relationship is so special to me.

Thank you so much Morgan & Emma for giving me the approval to build a new fanlisting for this honorable relationship! =)