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Advice For The Winter Months & The Holiday Season

Winter & the busy holiday season can pose special risks for pets. Help your pet to weather the winter & stay healthy & safe by following these simple tips.

1. Keep indoor pets in a dry, warm area free of drafts. If possible, elevate your dogs bed off the floor.

2. Provide outdoor dogs with a dry, insulated dog house or shelter out of the wind. Bring your dog inside if the wind chill or weather conditions become sever.

3. Staying warm includes extra calories, so feed your dog accordingly when the temperature drops. Talk to your vet for advice on feeding your dog.

4. Dogs like the smell & taste of antifreeze, but even a small amount can kill them. Thoroughly clean spills up at once. Tightly close containers & store them where dogs can not get into them.

5. Always have fresh, clean water available to your pet.

6. Alcoholic beverages, holiday treats such as chocolates, & bones from poultry, pork & fish can be harmful or toxic to dogs. Keep your dog on his regular diet.

7. Many plants- including Christmas rose, holly, mistletoe, philodendron & dieffenbachia- are toxic to dogs. Keep them out of your dog's reach.

8. Remove salt, ice, & caked mud from your dog's paws & coat at once. Contact your vet if you suspect your dog has frostbite. Frostbitten skin may turn reddish, white, or gray, & it may be scaly or sloughing.

9. Holiday paraphernalia can be dangerous to dogs. Cover or tack down electrical cords. Keep tinsel & glass ornaments out of your dog's reach. Read warnings on spray on snow. Never put ribbons around your dog's neck or allow it to play with plastic or foil wrappings or six-pack beverage holders.

Courtesy of Purina Dog Food.


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