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From Wikipedia:

The deluminator (also called the Put-Outer until book 7) is a device used and invented by Albus Dumbledore that can remove and absorb (and later return) the light from a light source. It looks like a standard cigarette lighter.

I absolutely love the Harry Potter books/films and one of my favorite magical objects showcased throughout them is the Deluminator aka Put-Outer. First appeared in Harry Potter & the Sorceror's Stone, referred to as the Put-Outer, and used by Dumbledore to darken Privet Drive so that Hagrid can safely bring Harry to his aunt & uncle's house. In the seventh book, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows it is finally referred to as the Deluminator, and it is given to Ron as a gift from Dumbledore. Thank you to Sophie of TFL.org for approving me to run this fanlisting!