Shannon & Sara

I know almost everyone at TFL has seen a pic of my baby Sara but may not know the whole story. It was 1994 & we had just lost our dog of 13 years, Dixie. My mom did not want to get another dog but I could not stand being in the house without another dog. It's kinda's almost like Sara was meant for us. Sara was found the same day Dixie died. Also I went to a historic home downtowm for a tour that is haunted by a ghost named Sara & she followed me throughtout the tour. She was found by an amazing woman named Linda & her husband Jim. Sara had had puppies. Only 2 were alive, 1 barely. Sara was a chow but you wouldn't know it. She was ravaged by worms & had lost all her hair from malnutrition and disease. She also had heartworms. Linda & her husband took her & her 2 puppies in. They had put one of her puppies to sleep cause it was not going to survive. Her other puppy got stronger & healthier. Linda found out that Sara had been eating metal cans, basically anything she could find to get some sort of food for her puppies, & that she wouldn't eat until they had eaten. Sara was treated for her heartworms & her worms & got healthier & thrived under a loving home.

She was very scared of being touched & had initiate the touching & would run at any sudden moves. My mom saw an ad in the paper from the same woman we had gotten Dixie from & said she might go see her. I begged her & said that I would never ask of anything of her again cause I hated being in the house without the patter of dog feet. She & my dad went & got Sara & brought her home. She would initiate contact with us but with me we had an instant bond. We needed each other. She became my baby. After a few months, I could knock her around like a rag doll to love on her & she loved every minute of it. We went back in a few months & got her son after he had a few bad home placements & they were together until the end. I lost her in October of 2006 to Alzheimer's. I broke my heart but she is always in my heart. She's my baby.

Story by: Shannon