Kristin & Sara

My story begins back in June of 1994 when I lost my beloved blue merle collie of 10 years to a heart condition. That was one of the most tragic experiences of mine and my family's lives and I never thought we'd recover from it. By August of 1994 my family was desperate to adopt/rescue another dog because we were so lost without our collie. Eventually we found Our Special Angel, as my Mom and I like to call her, and our lives have never been the same since.

She was a 7-month old bi-black sheltie named Sara who the breeders had originally gotten for the sole purpose of breeding :(. She was extremely timid and would not come to anyone except me- that was the turning point- we all just fell in love at that moment and have never stopped. Unfortunately the breeders did not want to sell her to us, but we did not back down and were determined to save her from a life of over breeding and most likely premature death. Eventually we succeeded and she was with my family for 14 rewarding, wonderful years! I will miss her dearly for the rest of my life and hope to see her again someday in heaven.

Story by: Kristin